A new dawn
One last yawn
Carpe diem they say
in bed you cannot stay!

Sometimes your dreams
Come apart at the seams
Never give up hope
NEVER resort to dope!

Success is its own drug
no need to become a thug
keep your focus & indeed
supplements you won’t need

Desire, drive & discipline
is what you need to begin
BUT keeping that flame bright
may keep you awake at night

What you need is unwavering self-belief
knowing your course of action is right
moments of success may be brief
but doubt will cause blight

Always know that you CAN
you have to persevere
thoughts of failure you must ban
draw positives from fear!

One day you can look back & say
‘I hung in there every day,
I knew that with me did stop the buck,
As the saying goes: you make your own luck!’

© louis-THE-lawyer
May 08 2019