I’ve been meaning to write this mail ever since watching the highlights of the NZ/Scotland game twice – good thing I’m only writing it now as I was rather irate at the time.

The bottom line for me seems to be the following:

· Umpires appear to be ‘scared’ of meting out appropriate sanctions as far as the All Blacks (‘AB’) are concerned

· The AB’s have (I note I’m not using the word ‘seem’) the distinct strategy to rather give away a penalty in their own 25 when under pressure than concede a try*

· The benefits are obvious: (1) Chances are the kicker may miss; (2) Even 3 points is better than 5 or 7; (3) Even if the kick is over, they get to kick in from the ½ way line thus gaining up to 75m territory!

· It is not just me: Nick Mallett has made mention of it in TV

· AB should have been given a penalty try when on one occasion they gave away 4 penalties in a row & they were never really in the match – take away the fortuitous run-away try against the run of play & Scotland would have won

· Scotland’s defence was superb

· It is high time that referees start imposing the law & give AB penalties, penalty tries (for the above) & yellow cards as with other teams!

· The only way in my view to effectively deal with the above practice* is (1) Red/yellow cards for repeat offences; (2) Penalty tries where appropriate; (3)A penalty & the penalty kick must be like USA football: in front of the posts; (4) The team awarded the penalty must get the kick off (Like 7-a-side)

I’d love to hear your thoughts