What are they? Are they physical or mental, real or imaginary? How do you know if you have not touched them, felt them, tested them? Have they been imposed upon you or have you imposed them on yourself? In both cases, why?

You must test them, push & ultimately GO BEYOND THEM!

Limits are what determine what you achieve in life. You will merely achieve to your perceived limits UNLESS you test & challenge them ALL THE TIME. You will not know what they REALLY are if you have not done that. As a result you will live your life thinking you have achieved to your limits, but they are only perceived limits. THERE ARE NO LIMITS! The ONLY limits are you, your mind and your body.

Yes you are born with certain capacities, but NOT with limits. Yes there are boundaries but NOT barriers. Go BEYOND the boundaries, redefine and make them your own ….. temporarily. Yes, life is dynamic and we MUST redefine who we are, what we want to achieve, when & how. The latter will be limited to the perceived boundaries UNLESS these are explored, challenged and tested continuously.

CONTINUE testing and moving them, for the minute you stop doing this, life becomes dull and meaningless and you will fail in your business endeavours – I do not mean that your life will become meaningless and that your business will go into liquidation, but the desire to get up in the morning, the drive to succeed and fulfill your life will diminish and your competitors will overtake you.

A sprinter (capacity) is borne and MAY not become a world champion miler, BUT by challenging this physical, generic boundary he or she may very well exceed beyond and shift the ability to run a far above average (boundary) mile, sometimes challenging the borne miler (capacity).

Your capacity is YOUR capacity and only you have the capacity to test the boundaries thereof. Don’t end up on your deathbed thinking how good you could have been! Take NOTHING for granted – test and challenge EVERYTHING for unless you do that, you will never know what the limits (IF ANY) are!

Copyright Louis Nel September 2015