I had the good fortune to come across and read the fascinating review of the history of Guatemala contained in ‘Silence on the Mountain’ by Daniel Wilkinson (2004).

The following shocking extract (page 181) pertaining to the ‘psychological warfare’ perpetrated by the CIA makes for scary and very upsetting reading:

* The CIA ‘drew up a list of 58 Guatemalan leaders to be assassinated….’
* ‘The instructions included a 19 page “Handbook on Assassination” ‘ which includes the following: ‘….. killing techniques …. the simplest tools often are often the most efficient … hammer, axe, screw driver …’
* As with many other CIA ‘engagements’ it was based on the so-called threat of communism & in the process they gathered ‘over 150 000 documents’ BUT could find ‘no traces of Soviet control’

Does that not ring a distinct bell e.g. the USA could not find any so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’ when they overthrew Saddam Hussain?

I will not be surprised if a bit of ‘digging’ will reveal many other CIA atrocities, whether in the name of communism, the cold war or other baseless grounds.

What a sad world we live in.