Benefits and services


  1. My rates are substantially lower than those that would be charged by lawyers of equivalent experience and qualifications i.e. such rates would vary between R2 000 – R5 000/hour.


  1. Working closely with you and your staff, I will understand your business, its dynamics, your needs, your customers and I will grow with you.


  1. I provide a quick turn-around quality service.


  1. Accessibility: as I have limited the number of my clients, it should be a lot easier to get an appointment with me than with most lawyers and, once you’ve signed my LOUIS-THE-LAWYER LEGAL ADVICE CLUB contract, you can contact me between 04:00 & 22:00 7/365.


  1. Enhanced pro-activity: as I will function closely with your management team, I am in a better position to practise ‘anticipatory law’ and to assist in identifying opportunities and preventing problems – as the saying goes: ‘Prevention is better than cure’


  1. Additional services: I can attend to legal and quasi-legal matters which would not otherwise have been referred to a lawyer and can provide extra services such as educating and training executives and staff on relevant legal developments.


  1. Improved utilisation of practising lawyers: in matters which have to be referred to outside/practising lawyers (e.g. second opinion or where litigation is required), I can be of assistance in selecting, instructing, liaising with, and monitoring the work and charges of the outside lawyers. I will assist you in preparing briefs, thereby reducing costs.


  1. Additional executive resources: My training and my familiarity with your organization will give me special skills and knowledge which can be valuable in non-legal functions such as executive decision-making, business strategy and general management.


  1. As far as possible I will consult at your premises so as to reduce your commercial downtime.


  1. I will meet your requirements speedily and in the most cost effective and practical way. Where litigation is involved I may propose alternative dispute resolution procedures to save you the expense and stress of court hearings. I will also assist with and chair mediation.


  1. I will maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in my dealings with you.


  1. I will not act for any other client where there is a conflict of interest with your own in a specific matter, unless we’ve discuss that aspect and all the parties are comfortable.


  1. I will remain abreast of the latest developments in law and ensure that you have access to a comprehensive legal service.


  1. I will endeavour to be available to meet your requirements at all times. Where this is not possible, I will discuss with you the referral of the matter to an appropriately qualified colleague.


Advising, vetting, negotiating (including attending meetings) and drafting documents (letters, faxes, minutes and agreements) pertaining to:

  1. Commercial Law


1.1        Shareholders Agreements (MOI), Association, Partnership Agreements


1.2        Buying and Selling Shares/Business as going concern


1.3        Trading Terms & Conditions:


1.3.1     Drafting of;


1.3.2     How to ensure same is legally binding.


1.4        Company Documentation such as delivery note, invoice, and letterhead


1.5        Restraint of Trade


1.6        Secrecy Agreements


1.7        Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements


1.8        Suretyship Documents


1.9        Acknowledgement of Debt


1.10      Joint Venture Agreements


1.11      Unlawful Competition


1.12      Agency Agreements


1.13      Management Agreements


  • Franchise Agreements


  • Request for Proposal (‘RFP’)



  1. Delict (Tort)


2.1        Claims arising from the day to day running from the business such as unfair competition, damage (material or immaterial), disgruntled clients, etc.


2.2        Actions by employees, directors for and against the business.



2.3        Motor Accidents;


2.3.1     Claims for and against the business/other parties;


2.3.2     Managing a Self-Insurance Fund;


2.4        Debt Collecting

  1. Hospitality & game lodges & guides [ATTA + FEDHASA + FGASA + SATSA]

8.1        Trading Terms s and Conditions (T&C)


8.2        Bookings on-line: systems & compliance


8.3        Compliance with Legislation


8.4        Contracts with guests & suppliers including indemnities


8.5        Claims by and against venues, suppliers & guests


8.6        Venue risk analysis


8.7        Service Level Agreements


8.8        Case Studies pertinent to the industry



  1. Small/Micro & Medium size Business Ventures (SMME’s)


9.1        Partnerships: Drafting agreements and matters relating thereto.


9.2        Close Corporations: Registration of and drafting Association Agreements


9.3        Joint Ventures


9.4        Business Forms


  1. Computer Law


10.1      Copyright


10.2      EDI ie, electronic data interchange (I attended an International Law conference in London 1989)


10.3      Internet, trading via


10.4      Software Licence Agreements


10.5      Statutory Compliance


  1. Finance


11.1      H.P Agreements


11.2      Lease Agreements


11.3      Banking Law and cheques/drafts, disputes relating to

  1. Family Law


3.1        Wills


3.2        Personal problems of staff eg. maintenance


  1. Property


4.1        Leases: Drafting and Vetting


4.2        Buying/Selling (incl. advising estate agents: Commercial/Residential)


4.3        Negotiating and litigating disputes between landlord and tenant.


4.4        Negotiate, mediate, arbitrate or litigate disputes arising from property transactions such as whether or not commission is due and to who, inaccurate demarcation of land area, title deed, etc.


  1. Intellectual Property


            5.1        Trademarks


            5.2        Patents


5.3        Design registration


5.4        Copyright




6.1        Trading Terms and Conditions


6.2        Legislation


  • Foreign Exchange


  • Claims by and against travellers and Travel Companies


  • Travel Management Agreements


  • Travel Policies


  • Service Level Agreements


  • Case Studies pertinent to the industry


7          Events, exhibitions & conferences [AAXO + EXSA + MICE + SAACI + SITE – PCO]

7.1        Trading Terms s and Conditions (T&C)


7.2        Booking, registration & on-line: systems & compliance


7.3        Compliance with Legislation


7.4        Contracts with venues & suppliers including indemnities


7.5        Claims by and against venues, exhibitors, suppliers & delegates


7.6        Managing events, exhibitions & conferences


7.7        Service Level Agreements


7.8        Case Studies pertinent to the industry

  1. Road Transport


12.1      Permits


12.2      The Road Transport Quality System


13        Environmental Law


13.1      Involvement with (and chairman of) the Mondi Wetland Project                           .


13.2      Preparation of marketing (inc PR) plan for above Project.


  1. Shipping Law/Logistics


            14.1      Importing & exporting.


14.2      Clearing & forwarding.


14.3      Insurance



  1. Sports/Leisure Law (including Adventure Sport)


15.1      Drafting sponsorship agreements.



  1. Consumer Law


16.1      Revising all your documentation, contracts, labeling & instructions to comply with the

Consumer Protection Act, Act 68/2008 (‘CPA) & more recently the Protection of                           Personal Information Act, Act 4/2013 (’POPI’)


16.2      Revising all contracts with your third party suppliers for such compliance & protection.



16.3      Training your staff.